Using wax carving and lost wax casting, this collection is filled with whimsical forms and rich textures.

Each piece is both a sculpture and a creature that dances with your movement. Feel the life within the form as well as the energy bursting out.




With the ancient art of 22k gold granulation and silver granulation, this collection is about togetherness, bonding and surrounding.

Lost in the mesmerizing pattern honoring both order and chaos in nature.




Employing the ancient fabrication processes of hammering and forging, the metal is moved and shaped to reveal an organic and imperfect texture. 

This collection is inspired by the power and grace of moving water, and created with hand hammered metal to capture waves and ripples frozen in time.




By gathering a bouquet of colorful gems, this collection is full of playful pieces designed for both stacking and sharing.

Play with different combinations for stacking or share among a group of friends.


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In celebration of the Asian American Pacific Islander (“AAPI”) Heritage Month, Soho House Chicago has graciously offered me the opportunity to show off my jewelry there! I’m so grateful and honored to be part of their Bodega at Soho Friends Space initiative which supports local designers and makers by creating this amazing platform!
When: This Thursday to Saturday, May 19th, 20th, 21th, 11am – 6pm daily
Where: Soho House Chicago 113-125 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607 Green line / Pink line @MORGAN
Pop in to say hi and check out the amazing interior at Soho House Chicago!

I was at GOLDEN MARKET where Chicago’s AAPI chefs, bakers, makers, and artists came together to celebrate our pride, heritage, and unity. There were the most incredible drinks, food, art, AND performances including Chinese lion dance and traditional Thai dance! I was so incredibly blessed to be part of this community and was so honored to stand among you. Special shout out to the amazing crowd for this sold out event that came out and supported us!

I was at this super fun maker’s market and crawl! Thank you everyone for coming out to Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood for the Logan Square Makers Market & Bar Hop! I really appreciate the chance to be one of 45+ local small businesses showcasing their work and met an amazing crowd that come out on this beautiful Mother’s Day weekend to shop local!

I was at Chicago Artisan Market on April 9th and 10th which showcases the best of Chicago and the Midwest in food, fashion, home goods and art. A huge thank you to all the amazing shoppers who came out to meet, shop & support 100 top local artisans. I was blown away by your excitement and enthusiasm to shop small.

I was at special event PLANET HER on Sat March 11th in celebration of Women’s History Month, which brings together over 50 dynamic Chicago-based women makers and artists. Thank you everyone for coming out and for all the artists participated in the event. I felt so honored and grateful to be one of you and shared the beautiful space at Garfield Park Conservatory.

Thank you for visiting my website! I’m a jewelry designer and jeweler based in Chicago. I design and hand make fine jewelry using ancient jewelry making artistry of hammering, forging, wax carving as well as 22k gold and silver granulation. Each piece is unique and handcrafted in-house from recycled precious metals with no mass production involved. And I’m selling and shipping directly from the studio.

I make each piece the old fashioned way, with the added beauty of taking techniques from thousands of years ago and making them not only survive but thrive in our day and time. I start with alloying gold, fabricating sheet and wire, picking a stone and designing around it. Then I pick the best fabrication process for the design, for example hammering, forging, wax carving or 22k gold and silver granulation. Sometimes making a piece will require multiple techniques. Finally after the forms are created to my satisfaction I’ll finish by polishing and setting stones. I love how each of the steps leaves marks of the maker. And during these steps, the piece takes on a life and personality of its own that cannot be mass produced. No two pieces in the line will be the same. It is naturally imperfect and unique like the creator behind it and the person wearing it.