Silver Flower Pendant with Green Tourmaline

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Silver flower pendant with green tourmaline. Nested on an irregular shaped petal, silver droplets scatter around a color shifting stone. Perfect for an irregular and organic look.

This pendant is handmade with wax carving, granule build-up and lost wax casting in silver, featuring a 1.5 ct 7mm green tourmaline. Measures 22mm by 18mm. Handcrafted in the US with recycled silver and locally sourced materials.

Comes with an 16in long silver chain.

One of a kind and ready to ship.

Please note, all colored tourmaline gems display pleochroism, meaning their color changes when viewed at different angles. The center-stone is set with an open back and will also display color tone change under various lighting conditions.

A custom piece handmade for you with 22k, 18k, 14k yellow gold, 935 silver and gemstones of your choice is available upon request. Please send an inquiry to discuss customization and to ask additional questions.


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